Prof. Olorunfemi Abraham Eseyin

Olorunfemi Abraham Eseyin is a professor of Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry with research interests in bioprospecting for novel anti-diabetic and anti-malaria drugs; food-drug interactions and natural products/medicinal plants. He has been researching for some time on the antimalarial and antidiabetic activities of Telfairia occidentalis Hook (fluted pumpkin) and is currently working on the potentials of some antioxidant compounds as antimalaria drugs. He obtained a BSc degree in Biochemistry in 1988 (and was the best graduating student), MSc Pharmaceutical Chemistry (1994) and PhD (2009). He was the Head of the Department of Pharmacognosy and Natural Medicine (2017-2019) and acting Head of the Department of Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry (2008-2012), both at the University of Uyo. Grantee of IFS individual research grant, IFS collaborative research grant, and Tertiary Education Trust Fund National Research Fund (NRF) Intervention. He worked in the Renal and Cardiovascular Research Lab, Penang, Malaysia as a USM-TWAS postdoctoral fellow (2012-2013). He is an adjunct professor at the University of Port Harcourt and an external examiner to six different Universities in Nigeria. He has successfully supervised 18 MSc and 7 PhD students. He is the head of Drug Discovery and Research Group, University of Uyo; author of over 80 scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals and member of some international learned societies; pioneer Editor-in-Chief of Nigerian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Applied Science Research (official journal of the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Uyo, Nigeria).

Selected Publications

1. Eseyin Olorunfemi, Etim Iweh, Attih Emmanuel, Johnson Ekarika, Udobre Aniefiok, Ebong Aniekan (2021). In vitro antiplasmodial, cytotoxic, antioxidant activities and of twelve plants used in the traditional treatment of malaria in South-South Nigeria. Tropical J Pharm Res. 20 (1): 105 - 111

2. Paul S. Thomas, Emmanuel E. Essien, Anwanabasi E. Udoh, Sifonobong J. Akpan, Ofonasaha G. Akpan, Emediong U. Etukudo, Marinella de Leo, Olorunfemi A. Eseyin, Guido Flamini and Kola’ K. Ajibesin (2021). Isolation and Characterization of Anti-inflammatory and Analgesic Compounds from Uapaca staudtii Pax (Phyllanthaceae) Stem Bark. Journal of Ethnopharmacology 269 (3):113737

3. Uwemedimo F. Umoh, Paul S. Thomas, Emmanuel E. Essien, Jude E. Okokon, MarinellaDe Leo, Kola’ K. Ajibesin, Guido Flamini, Olorunfemi A. Eseyin (2021). Isolation and characterisation of bioactive xanthones from Hippocratea africana (Willd.) Loes.ex Engl. (Celastraceae). Journal of Ethnopharmacology. Available online 15 March 2021, 114031.

4. Sheryar Afzal, Munavvar Abdul Sattar, Edward James Johns, Olorunfemi. A. Eseyin (2020). Renoprotective and haemodynamic effects of adiponectin and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor agonist, pioglitazone, in renal vasculature of diabetic Spontaneously hypertensive rats. PLoS ONE 15(11):1-22

5. Aniekan S. Ebong, Olorunfemi A. Eseyin, Emmanuel E. Iweh, Jude E. Okokon, Victor U. Anah, Emmanuel E. Attih, Goodnews E. Charles (2019). Telfairia occidentalis Potentiates the Antiplasmodial Activity of Artemisinins and Amodiaquine Combination Therapy. Anti-Infective Agents. DOI: 10.2174/2211352517666190206160812.

6. Olorunfemi, A. Eseyin, Uduak Benedict, Paul S. Thomas, Iweh Etim, Emmanuel Essien, Ekarika Johnson, Aniekan Ebong, Zubaid Munavvar, Ashfaq Ahmad, Afzal Sheryar, Ukeme Akpan. Activity Directed Isolation and Characterisation of the Antioxidant Constituents of the Fruit (pericarp) of Telfairia occidentalis Hook f (Cucurbitaceae) (2018). Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research; 17 (10): 1953-1960

7. Sheryar Afzal, Munavvar Abdul Sattar, Olorunfemi. A. Eseyin, Ali Attiq, Edward James Johns. Crosstalk relationship between adiponectin receptors, PPAR-γ and α-adrenoceptors in renal vasculature of diabetic WKYs. European Journal of Pharmacology 917 (2022) 174703.

8. Flora Ruth Aigbe, Munavvar Zubaid, Hassan Rathore, Olorunfemi Eseyin, Yen Pei Pei, Safia Akhtar, Ashfaq Chohan, Hui Jin, Jooli Khoo, Samual Tan, Mohammed Lazhari Sheryar Afzar, Fiaz Ahmed, Olufunmilayo Olaide Adeyemi, Edward Johns (2018). Alterations of haemodynamic parameters in a rodent model of essential hypertension by Aristolochia ringens Vahl. (Aristolochiaceae). Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine, 8: 72-80.

9. Olorunfemi A. Eseyin; Edidiong Edem; Ekarika Johnson; Sheryar Afzal; Ashfaq Ahmad. Synthesis and in vitro antidiabetic activity of some alkyl carbazole compounds. Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research 17(3): 537-541.

10. Olorunfemi A. Eseyin, Munavvar. A. Sattar, Hassaan A. Rathore, Flora Aigbe, Sheryar Afzal, Ashfaq Ahmad, Mohammed Lazhari, Safia Akthar (2017). HPLC and GC-MS analyses of Phenolics in the leaf of Telfairia occidentalis. Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 31 (1): 45-50.

11. Eseyin, A. Olorunfemi, Akaninyene Daniel, Thomas S. Paul, Emmanuel Attih, Essien Emmanuel, Johnson Ekarika, Zubaid Munavvar, Ahmad Ashfaq, Sheryar Afzal, Akpan Ukeme (2017). Phytochemical Analysis and Antioxidant Activity of the Seed of Telfairia occidentalis Hook (Cucurbitaceae). Natural Products Research 32(4): DOI:10.1080/14786419.2017.1308366.

12. Eseyin O. A., Sattar M. A., Rathore H. A. (2014). Review of the pharmacological activity of Telfairia occidentalis. Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research. 13 (10): 1761-1769.

13. Eseyin, O.A., Ebong, A., Udobre, A., Ekarika J., Udoh, I. (2012). Changes in some pharmacokinetic parameters of Chloroquine by Gnetum Africana. Macedonian Journal of Medical Sciences 5(3): 275-279.

14. Eseyin O., Ebong P., Eyong E., Awofisayo O.and Agboke A. (2010). Effect of Telfairia occidentalis on oral glucose tolerance in rats. African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 4(6): 368-372.

15. Eseyin O. A., Ebong P., Eyong E. U., Umoh E. and Agboke H. (2010). Hypoglycaemic activity of ethyl acetate fraction of the leaf extract of Telfairia occidentalis. Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 23 (3):340-343

16. Okokon J. E., Ekpo A.and Eseyin O. A. (2009). Antiplasmodial activity of ethanolic leaf and seed extracts of Telfairia occidentalis. Journal of Medicinal Food. 12 (3):1-5.

17. Oforah E. and Eseyin A. (2000). Serum Cathepsin activity as a probe of cardiac necrotic foci during long-term Chlorpromazine administration in rats. Nigerian Medical Journal 38(2)46-49

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