Dr. Emmanuel Etim

Associate professor and Registered Pharmacist with a B.Sc. degree in Biochemistry; Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy; MSc and PhD degrees in Pharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry. Researcher in Bio-analysis, with bias in drug Interaction, pharmacokinetics and toxicity. Presently acting Dean of the faculty of pharmacy. Former Acting head of the department of pharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry, University of Uyo. Nigeria.

Selected Publications:
1. Etim, E. I., Essien, E. E., Eseyin, O. A. and Udoh, I. E. (2013). Effect of Artemisinin and Combination Therapy Regimens With and without Concomitant Administration of Phospholipids on the levels of Plasma Aminstransfarase and Bilirubin in Nigerian Male Subjects. African Journal of Pharmacology and Therapeutics 2 (1): 17 – 25.

2. Eseyin, O. A., Etiemmana, G. C., Enobong, M., Ebong, A., Etim, I., Johnson E., Attih, E., Asanga, E.(2014). Evaluation of the Antioxidant Properties of Some Commonly Eaten Vegetables in Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria. Annual Research and Review in Biology. 5(2): 165- 173.

3. Etim, E. ,Udobre, A. ,Udoh, A. ,Eduoku, E., (2015). Evaluation of the Antioxidant Property of Vernonia Cinerea (L.) LESS. (Asteraceae) using 2.2- Diphenyl-1-Picrylhdrazine (DPPH) Assay Method. The Pharma Innovation Journal 4(6): 10-14.

4. Etim, E., Udobre, A., Johnson E., Udoh, A., and Essien E. (2016) Development and Validation of UV Spectrophotometric Method for the Determination of Artesunate and Dihydroartemisinin by Coupling. The Pharma Innovation Journal, 5(8): 01-07.

5. Etim, E. I., Umoh, U. F., Akwaowo, A. E., Udodok, I. N. (2016). Effect of two Polyherbal Bitters on the Pharmacokinetics of Glibenclamide and Metformin in Rats. World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences 5 (6): 143 -155

6. Etim, Emmanuel I., Udodok, Idara N., Akwaowoh, Akpabio E., Udo, Nsikan M.(2016). Hypoglycemic and lipid profile in alloxan-induced diabetic rats treated with glibenclamide, metformin and two polyherbal bitters. , Indo American Journal of Pharmaceutical Research 6(11): 6993 – 98.

7. Charles A. Dumaru, Emmanuel Etim, and Augustine A. Ahmadu, (2017). Anti- Inflammatory Constituents of Randia hispida K. Schum (Rubiaceae). Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research 9(2): 160 - 164 (Off-shore)

8. Etim, EI, Johnson, EC, Bassey, UB, Essien, EE (2017). Synthesis, Characteristics and Antiplasmodial studies of Deoxy and Disulphide Derivatives of Dihydroartemisinin.). Chemistry Research Journal 2(2): 12-19. (Off-shore)

9. Etim, EI, Attih, EE, Owaba, DAC. (2017). Structural modification of dihydroartemisinin and antimicrobial assessment of the deoxy and disulphide derivatives. International Journal of Chemical Studies 5(5): 2079 - 2083

10. Emmanuel I. Etim, Imoh E. Udoh, John A. Udobang, Iniobong L. Usen. (2018). Effect of dihydroartemisinin and its disulphide derivative on biochemical, histological and haematological parameters in rats. International Journal of Medical Science and Clinical Invention 5(01): 3392 – 3399.