The ByLaws

Article 1.00: Name, Purposes and Objectives of the Organization
Article 2.00 Membership
Article 3.00 Sources of Finance
Article 4.00 Bank Account
Article 4.00 Bank Account
Article 5.00 Meetings and Of Members
Article 6.00 Patrons
Article 7.00 Officers
Article 8.00 Amendments

1.01 This organization shall be known as the Drug Discovery and Research Group hereinafter referred to as DDRG.
1.02 The purposes of DDRG shall be to encourage and assist research, training, publication and
dissemination of knowledge in drug discovery and research. DDRG is organized and operates as a research and educational organization recognized as a Part C of Companies and Allied Matters
Act, 2004 (CAMA).
1.03 Group Vision: To be an excellent research group that is geared towards reducing the burden of tropical diseases through cutting edge research
1.04 Group Mission: To undertake interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research aimed at the discovery of drugs for the treatment of malaria, diabetes, cancer and other tropical diseases in Nigeria.
1.05 Group Objectives:
i. To bioprospect for novel drugs for the treatment of malaria, diabetes, cancer and other tropical
diseases from Nigeria’s rich biodiversity
ii. To design novel compounds that could serve as drugs for the treatment of malaria, diabetes,
cancer and other tropical diseases through chemical synthesis
iii. To modify existing drugs or lead compounds used in the treatment of malaria, diabetes, cancer
and other tropical diseases for better effectiveness, efficacy and lower toxicity/side effects.2
iv.To undertake drug-drug/herbs interaction studies.
v. To create awareness and training on contemporary drug discovery techniques and stimulate
research in drug discovery through seminars, conferences and workshops.
vi. To publish a peer review research journal (Journal of Drug Discovery and research (JDDR))

2.01 Members of the group are:
i. Dr Olorunfemi Eseyin (Group Head)
ii. Dr Arnold Igboasoiyi (member)
iii. Dr Emmanuel Iweh Etim (member)
iv. Dr Emmanuel Attih(Group Secretary)
v. Dr Aniefiok Udobre (member)
vi. Mr Ekarika Johnson (Group Assistant Secretary)
vii. Mr Aniekan Ebong (Group Treasurer)
Additional members will be admitted as the need arises.
2.02 Patrons.
Group patrons are:
Professor Paul Nwafor
Professor Cyril Usifoh
Professor Ahmadu Augustine
Any other individual appointed by the group
2.03 Voting And Holding Of Offices: All members have an equal right to vote and be voted for in any office.
2.04 Withdrawal Of Membership
A member who wishes to withdraw his membership shall be required to give three months written notice to the group through the secretary.

3.01 Monthly dues: Members shall pay non-refundable monthly dues as stipulated by the group from time to time.
3.02 Any other financial contribution as agreed by the group from time to time, which is non-refundable.
3.03 Grants from donor3

The group shall maintain a savings and a current account with the following as signatories to the
two accounts: Group Head, Group Secretary and Group Treasurer.

5.01 Monthly Meetings: A Monthly Meeting of members of the group shall be held on the last Thursday of every month.
5.02 Annual Meetings: An Annual Meeting of members of the group shall be held in January to review the activities of the group in the previous year and to plan the programs for the new year.
5.03 Special/Emergency Meetings: Special or emergency meetings of members may be called
be called as the need arises.
5.04 Quorum: A minimum of four members shall constitute a quorum.

The patrons shall serve in an advisory capacity to the group.

7.01 Appointed Officers of DDRG shall be:
Group Head: The group head shall chair all meetings of the group and shall be responsible for the day to day activities of the group. He shall cast vote. He shall exercise such other powers and perform such duties and responsibilities normally associated with his office.
Group Secretary: He shall issue a notice of meeting and take minutes at such meetings. And shall perform all responsibilities associated with his office;
Group Asst. Secretary: To assist the Group secretary and act on his behalf in his absence
Group Treasurer: He shall collect the dues and other contributions, pay them into the group’s account and
Editor-in-Chief, keep records Journal of income Drug and expenditure Discovery and the research

8.01 These Bylaws may be amended by a simple majority vote of members of the group.